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LegalFácil was born with a dream: to make the law easily accessible to everyone. The law feels complex, confusing–and often scary–to almost everyone. And too often–unfortunately–too many lawyers play off of this fear by overcharging and overcomplexifying everything. We believe that the best way to let people focus on their goals–to free up your time and money so you can build your business, or build whatever you want to achieve–is to present everything you need to know about the law, nothing more and nothing less, in simple, concise, and easy-to-use guides. What fills us with fear isn’t the law–it’s the unknown and the unpredictable; and LegalFácil removes the fear by making the law known and predictable.

The LegalFácil method boils down to four principles: (a) Making everything clear and concise; (b) Focusing on action items, what you need to do; (c) Providing models, templates, and examples for all contracts and legal work; and (d) Emphasizing common pitfalls and problems that are likely to happen, and what you can do to avoid or minimize them. In other words, our philosophy is to be useful, both in the short term (what you need to do now), and in the long term (what you should do now, to prevent the most likely problems in the long term).

Here at LegalFácil, we believe in working closely with our clients and helping them as much as we possibly can. Through talking to our clients and trying to help them, we learn what everyone’s needs are–so we can make our books more detailed and thorough! Just drop us a note at team@LegalFá

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