“When I first opened my office in Buenos Aires, I was hit by a slew of problems that I never expected–bizarre laws, taxes, my employees telling me things I needed to do that just didn’t make any sense to me. Thank goodness I found the LegalFácil guides, that provided me with the key insights I needed to turn things around and make everything go smoothly.”

Siril BagwansteinMake It Work Inc.

“Even though I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, protecting my artwork through Argentine copyright law was unbelievably confusing. The LegalFácil patents and trademarks book broke things down, and made the process much simpler.”

Cecilia PascuaFreelance Artist

“I thought that the French bureaucracy was insane…but Argentina’s was 1000x worse. I was completely lost when I was trying to incorporate the IWTA in Buenos Aires. I took a leap of faith, signed up for the monthly legal advice subscription service, and I was introduced to Celia. She broke everything down, helped me with all the paperwork, and used her connections to help me set-up my business. She is my go to lawyer for everything from dealing with employees trying to sue me, my tax situation, and various other legal intricacies I had no idea that I would encounter. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Jacques SamarCEO, International Wine Tasters Association

“Doing business in Latin America is high-risk, high-reward. The LegalFácil team helped us mitigate most of the risks so we could focus on growing our business instead of dealing with bureaucracies, endless paperwork, and byzantine laws that not even the natives understand.”

Chris StukDirector of Marketing, Landmark Location Management